About us!


Brasilia, listed as a World Heritage Site in 1987, is the first representative of the Modernist Movement in architecture and urbanism to be listed by UNESCO as a heritage site. The city is currently growing as a solid tourism destination and tourism professionals and companies are increasingly more committed with high quality in meeting tourists’ demands.

Based on market trends, the Capital is constantly broadening its structure to meet visitors’ demands. As a result, the Alternative Lodging Program in DF - Cama e Café (Bed & Breakfast), developed by the Tourism Office, innovated by offering comfort at an accessible cost, allowing for visitors to experience the real daily life of our inhabitants as well as our hospitality.

In order to implement such a program, the following partnerships were pursued: the Ministry of Tourism, the Sebrae-DF (Support Service to Small Entrepreneurs), the Marketing and Sales Director Association, as well as financial institutions and community leaderships in selected neighborhoods.

By doing so, it is expected that the Federal District diversifies and increases the number of beds offered, strengthening Brasilia as a tourism destination and raising awareness of the local community on the importance of standardizing lodging activities, resulting in the betterment of the quality of service as well as economic sustainability generated by actions that combine both private and public sectors.

Seeking clear concepts of efficiency, organization and attention to the visitor, the Program has been embraced by inhabitants of several neighborhoods of Brasilia, streamlining integration of Tourism in all the state, and exploring its potential as a whole.


The ADVB – Brazilian Marketing and Sales Director Association was founded on May 29, 1956, in São Paulo, because of the need for changes in the sales sector in Brazil. It is currently one of the most important and traditional references in sales and marketing in the country. With offices in 16 states and abroad, as Miami, Lisbon and Nagoya, it is about to start an Office in China. As a result, the ADVB system was created along with the FENADVB Foundation (National Federation of the Marketing and Sales Director Association of Brazil).

By promoting debate and seeking solutions for issues of the sector, the Association is today a communication channel for national and international entrepreneurs who wish to foster the exchange of ideas among directors and authorities of all areas of society.

In April 2007, this non-governmental organization was established in Brasilia with a staff composed by renowned names in the business scenario of the capital. Ever since, ADVB-DF has promoted business development and training in sales and marketing, in addition to actions intended to sustainable work in Brazil.

Among the many actions carried out by the Association, the ADVB-DF Top of Marketing and Sales stands out, an award granted since June 2008 to companies which went beyond their goals and became success cases, setting a benchmark on the market.

Between 2008 and 2010, ADVB-DF took over the coordination of the Tourism Manager Group, which focused on the organization of new choices for lodging in Brasilia, based upon concepts of sustainability and hospitality.

In 2013, ADVB-DF was validated by the Tourism Development Council of the Federal District, an office of the Tourism Secretariat of the Federal District, as the institution responsible for operating the Alternative Lodging Program in the Federal District, the Cama e Café (Bed & Breakfast).